About the Author

What’s up fellow K1ngs and Queens!

My name is Danny Wilgenbusch and I am the content creator, writer, editor, and the website designer for K1ngMe.com. I am privileged to have you as a guest in the community, so I first and foremost want to thank you for your time. I will never take it for granted.

In this little piece, I want to answer two questions for you:

1.) Who is Danny Wilgenbusch?

2.) What is Danny Wilgenbusch’s life about?

I like to mix it up so I’m going to start with number 2 first if that’s ok!?


K1ng Me is a developing brand and company that as the founder, I am committed to building on the values and character traits that were sewn into me by my father and by the mentors I’ve been blessed by God to have access to. These values are what I strive to live every single breathe by and these will ultimately serve as the determining factor of whether or not you stick around this community. This is what my life is about:

– Every human life has a purpose. I’m on a mission to help you find yours.

– Our life purpose is attached directly to the passions God has gifted each of us.

– We cannot be Gods, for there is only one. But we were designed to be the K1NG of our life.

– Only 1 person (K1ng) can make your passions and purpose come to life. You.

– We deserve everything we are willing to WORK for.

– K1ngs do two things. Create and serve others.

– K1ngs are driven by the OUTCOME, not the INCOME.

– K1ngs have two goals on their mission: Impact and Influence.

– We must remain humble in both Victory AND Defeat.

– Treat people with respect.

– Always give to others without an expectation of something in return.

In a nutshell, my life is about:

Connecting you to the crown God has forged you, in exchange for your pursuit of your Life Passion.

Now, Who am I?





I grew up in a small Northern Chicago suburb. I only did well in school when I decided to apply myself, which was only my senior year of high school scoring a 4.1 GPA because I needed a 3.0 accumulative GPA in order to qualify for certain college grants, loans, etc. Other than that, I was traditionally below the 3.0 mark simply over a lack of interest in what was being taught.

Once I got to college, I officially changed majors 4 times but changed it in my head probably 15-20 times. You see, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that I didn’t enjoy formal education and I never felt like I really fit inside of the traditional way of doing things. I always wanted more in life but had absolutely no idea what that even meant. I thought the only way to do things was to go to school and get a good job or find a massive investment to start up a business. The only problem with the latter option: there was nothing that I was excited about in terms of starting a business, I had no money and didn’t know how to raise any, and I also had absolutely zero understanding of anything in terms of running a business or how to sell.

Little did I know, formal education was rapidly becoming an obsolete idea. Yet everyone – myself included – was operating out of industrial age thinking and assuming those old concepts would still work today – in the information age. That getting a degree would be the answer to all of our financial problems. For most people, it actually is only the beginning of the problems. I have certainly found that out the hard way.

So while in college taking on massive amounts of student loans and having no clue what I was really doing there, something was brewing behind the scenes that I never would have seen coming.

Over the summer before my sophomore year, I was given an opportunity to partner up with a nutrition company. It seemed too good to be true until I did some research and discovered that this could legitimately be the answer to all of the confusion I was experiencing in college. This business concept turned my entire world upside down, shook me out, and dropped me back on the ground running without any experience or an ounce of credibility amongst any person on this planet. However, my desire to succeed at the company’s highest levels established a work ethic in me that I believe no one company wide could match. I made up for my lack of skills and ability with pure determination and focus. Over time, I matched my work ethic with top notch skills but for a reason unbeknownst to me at the time, my income never caught up to my passion, abilities, and ambition. As time pressed on this notion wore on me and I began to realize that this company was not the end all be all for me. This slow realization began to take its’ toll.

I began to realize the business and concept I had been so passionate about for 3 years – the concept I sacrificed my blood, sweat, and tears for… hobbies, relationships, and everything else for – was not the answer I was in search of. This put a tremendous hole in my heart. It left an unfillable void in my gut that made my life seem almost hopeless. I sacrificed every hobby, passion, most relationships, my health, and 16-18 hours a day 7 days a week for about 3 years to see this dream become a reality. The company ultimately took a turn for the worse and I found myself picking up the pieces of my life that I had left behind in the pursuit of this singular goal of achievement. It wasn’t short after this that the woman I was in a relationship with and whom I thought could potentially be my life partner broke up with me. This sent me spiraling downwards in the absolute worst of ways and to cap it all off, my family lost the home I spent my entire life in shortly after. In a matter of 4 months, everything I held dear to my heart had vanished. You could say life seemed meaningless and absolutely brutal at this point and I began questioning why I was even alive anymore. I hid this from everyone but deep down I was barely hanging on.

I decided to follow through with a plan I had months prior to move from cold Illinois to sunny Arizona in order to start fresh and in an entirely new environment. I am absolutely blessed for the people that opened their doors to me so I could make the move. It created a life altering catalyst that sent me on a journey that I will be eternally grateful for.

To get a better sense of what happened next, read these 3 pieces:

1.) Cast Your Line

2.) Worlds Apart

3.) The Purge

Fast forwarding to today, things are much different. I’m in an incredible relationship, my family is doing better than at perhaps any point ever, I’m on an awesome journey in building a strong relationship with God, my overall health and wellness is at an all-time high, I have boundless opportunity, incredible friends and mentors, and I’m living in the “Golden State” of California. I’m doing well enough to make ends meet but am in no better place financially than most. I am however truly at the beginning stages of building my life’s work, and that legacy will be remembered as the millions of lives I’ll have the blessing to touch and aid in discovering their passions and helping to unlock their self belief to put those dreams in action.

I’m extremely grateful for those of you reading this that we will have potentially a key role in one another’s life journey. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you more than you know.

This process for me has been anything but easy, but my oh my has it been worth it. There have been massive ups and massive downs, but a few things have remained the same: My passion for fitness, the unshakeable love I have for my family, the value I put on all of my close relationships, my desire to impact other people and establish the influence to affect change, my passion for public speaking, my love for the Seattle Seahawks, and my unquenchable thirst to both help people and put smiles on people’s faces.

K1ng Me is the vehicle I am choosing to go all chips in on to implement every aspect of what my life is about, make more out of who I am, and ultimately accomplish every single goal I set out to achieve. I am honored to have you along on this journey of mine and would love the pleasure in joining you on yours, please never hesitate to reach out. I would enjoy very deeply the opportunity to get to know each and every one of you.


Danny Wilgenbusch.

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