Remember as children when we would run around all hours of the day spending our time doing ONLY the things that we loved and enjoyed; When there wasn’t a care in the world, no responsibilities, no bills or relationships… just us and our bliss with friends?

But then, something happened.

Along the way, we seem to have gotten lost. Through the introduction of formal education and jobs, puberty and sports, and the flirting and temptations we forgot what matters in our lives. We forgot what made us happy. We began to simply do what everyone around us told us to do – at no fault of our own of course. We were too young to know better, but our superiors led us astray. The irony in this is, they did so thinking it was best for us. They just didn’t know that where we were headed next was actually to a point that most of us will never return from.

Where is this? Earth’s very own purgatory. Not dead, but not really alive. We wake up, shower, eat, brush our teeth, wave goodbye to those we love, and head to work. The biggest challenge here that most of us face is that we aren’t heading to work doing what we love and more than likely are not doing something we are really even the most talented at. We are going to work for the thing that will hopefully pay us the most money. Because along the way, we were convinced that money was more important than what we love. That we should actually sacrifice (in most cases) what we love and replace that with a desire to attain a lot of money or comfort. Because supposedly, money and comfort solve all problems. We were convinced to “grow up”, put our big boy/girl pants on, and get a good high paying job with benefits.

Wanna know something? Look at the people who are telling you to do those things. Ask them what they loved more than anything when they were younger and then look to see how active they still are in that particular thing. More than likely not at all. The harsh reality of it is they probably let it go in exchange for the things they have now, and are suggesting you do the same thing.

Now, I could be wrong here, but I’m going to guess that a majority of you will look at these people (with all the love in the world) thinking, “hmmmm you know what, they actually are not living the life I REALLY want to live”.  If you can be honest enough with yourself to come to this conclusion, start thinking about the things that you’ve sacrificed up to this point that you loved and TAKE THEM BACK. Start doing the thing you love more than anything. Get REALLY DAMN GOOD AT IT. Because it can pay you more than any job out there if you do.

You see, what we don’t use in this life, we lose. Be that a particular skill, our muscles, our passions, our metabolism, etc. That’s how the human body works. In order to take in and develop new information, it must unlearn things that don’t get used. The saddest part about this is that eventually, our biggest passions will become one of those things we forget when unused. And you know what happens to those passions and talents? All that remains of them are memories. Painful, painful memories of what used to be. You know those people who always talk about their “Glory Days”? Yea you know who I mean. The ones who all they talk about is stories of their past and never have any new stories to tell.

Those people are never happy when they age because what they used to love but never pursued, the very thing that gave them joy and energy when they were younger turns into something very painful. The pain of regret. That passion is replaced by regret and that regret will rot inside of you and become the most substantial source of bitterness that you can imagine. The thought of “What could have been” is staggeringly debilitating. Ask any person 65+.

So if you have something you love, don’t give it up to be like everyone else. Pursue it with reckless abandon. It is the ONLY thing that will allow you to flourish on this planet. To run free like a wild mustang doing what you want, when you want, with whoever you want. It will unlock freedom if you go all chips in on it. The planet deserves your deposit of passion and joy just as much as you do. We don’t need anymore rotting apples, We need fresh seeds. We need no more caged beasts, we have plenty of those in this world. We need the movers and the shakers, the dreamers and the doers, to wake up from their slumber and begin pursuing what means something to them. We need YOU to wake up the K1ng inside of you who desires to reign over your life and change this planet utilizing the vision you have for it and the power you have within you. You can do it. You deserve to do it.

Love y’all.

Photo Cred: http://alliswall.com/animals-and-birds/the-ray-of-hope-and-the-black-horses

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