In Bloom

Have you ever seen something completely out of place?

Like a plant in the middle of a sidewalk? Or a Lamborghini in the poor part of town?

Why do these things seem to stick out to us so much? It’s a question I’ve been toying with in my head a bit, and as I’ve been tossing around this notion in my mind, some things began to come together. I feel there’s a multitude of reasons, however, you do not have the time to read my entire thought process behind it and I don’t care to write it lol.

The most popular opinion on this topic however? It may very well be that the lambo in the ghetto or the growth in the sidewalk simply don’t belong there. And that would be a fair point! I just don’t believe that’s the reason. While it may be a reason, I don’t believe it to be the reason. I say that because belonging is a matter of perception. In the 1920’s, you and I could be looking at a black man sitting at the front of the bus and think two completely different things. I may be thinking “he has somewhere important to be” while you may be thinking “someone needs to arrest that man, he doesn’t belong here.” You see, the way we view the exact same thing could be completely different based on our two different life experiences up to that exact moment in time. So if it isn’t belonging, what could it be?

I believe it’s actually both our innate, as well as our developed sense of jealousy. I don’t intend ‘jealousy’ in a toxic and destructive way, I mean it in a constructive and ambitious way. I think we all want to be that person that sticks out in life and the person that people admire, respect, and pay attention to. We want Influence. Just for some of us, we carry this desire in the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds while others wear it openly. And so when we see these things that stick out so clearly and boldly, we notice them because deep deep down, we’ve had it planted inside us since birth that we can become that very influence we desire so secretly.

It’s our human potential speaking to us.

You see, we’re all going to grow. It’s impossible to avoid growing as life progresses. We learn new information and new skills, meet new people, go new places, eat new food, establish new opinions and beliefs, and so on. We all just grow at different speeds.

As for the speed? It has everything to do with where we plant ourselves. Listen to me now, we are not responsible for the soil we are born in. We are entirely responsible however for the soil we die in. Some of us are born into impoverished situations while others are born into wealth. Is that fair? If that matters to you, form your own opinion here. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. But that’s life and we all have to play the game with the cards we’re dealt. But what I do know is that we all have the God given right to choose who we surround ourselves with aka the soil we plant our seed in. If you calculate the habits, finances, ambitions, actions, and surrounding circumstances of the 5 people you spend your most time with, you’re going to come to an eerie conclusion if you’re honest with yourself.

You are the average of those 5 people

So what happens if you begin to change those 5 people? It’s not possible you say? It’s not something you can just up and do? You can’t just change your best friends? I beg your pardon. It absolutely is possible and you absolutely can. I say that because I did it. I still have ALL the same friends, I just see them all slightly less and see other people slightly more. See, I up and moved across the country on a gut instinct and faith in God that he would guide my way. And he has. Did I struggle? Oh yea. I lived in my car at times. I lived out of my car for almost 5 months, lived in the ghetto for a couple months and so much more. But I didn’t give up because I was hungry to surround myself with new people and plant myself in very fertile soil. And wouldn’t you know it, I gained a handful of giants among men as mentors and ever since, my life began to Bloom in magnificent ways.

It’s possible to change your life. But in order to change your life, you must first change, your life. Change the way you live and who you surround yourself with. Take in and adopt new information.

New information plus adaptation has the power to change our situation.

Imagine calculating those 5 closest people with 5 of the most influential people in the world… how much would that change the outcome of your life? I’m sure by a staggering amount. And that’s the point. We all desire to be the person that can influence the change we want to see in this world, but we aren’t all willing to change the soil we’re planted in. The soil is the most important piece of the puzzle because with that, comes the development of healthy and strong roots. With strong roots, a powerful trunk can begin to form. And when you have a powerful trunk connected to deep and thriving roots, the branches can begin to spread far and wide. As this occurs, the leaves of your tree of life will abundantly grow. Your results in life of course being likened to the leaves and branches.

I was speaking with one of these giants of men yesterday evening and what he told me is something I will never forget. What he said was, “Son, if you hang around us long enough -it may take a year, it may take 10- eventually you’re gonna win. And you’re gonna win big.” When he said that, I realized the true power of standing shoulder to shoulder with great men and women that not only have the financial results I desire, but having the massive faith in God that they do, having the meaningful relationships that they do both in value and volume, the leadership skills, and the heart for people that they do. The whole package. And just like they have extended a hand to me, I would love to extend one to you. Because after all, we all start out in a field as a blade of grass shoulder to shoulder with other individual blades of grass. But if we plant our seeds together, we can be In Bloom as trees. And what a beautiful vision that is, not standing alone as a towering tree among grass, but starting a whole new forest that can spread as far as the eye can see. A K1ngdom of giants. It’s possible if we do it together. I’ll take the first step if you take the second…

K1ng Me.

Written by Danny Wilgenbusch

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