Battle Born

What catches your eye about the photo that was linked with this piece?

Most of us will notice the beauty, serenity, and eye popping colors and textures the landscape naturally produces. Few however, will understand the origin of such beauty. To understand the birthplace of majesty, we must gain the knowledge of where it came from, of it’s story. As the default rulers of this planet, we tend to forget that it was here long before us. In doing so, we take the lessons for granted that it’s multi-billion year old history can teach us about ourselves. And one of those lessons is the origin of beauty.

The picture that was paired with this piece is a snapshot of Crater Lake, Mount Pinabuto located in Luzon, Philippines and it’s history is millions and millions of years old. You see, this lake did not always look as beautiful as it does today. It used to look something like this:


It was raw, unattractive, covered in debris, and certainly was not looked at as a future landmark for its’ majestic beauty.

Just like this picture, Crater Lake at Mount Pinabuto was the result of a meteoroid hitting the earth’s surface resulting in a massive gash on the planet’s outer crust. These impacts are incredibly damaging, wildly powerful, and don’t seem to benefit the planet in any way. To most, it would seem that these massive pieces of space rock hitting the earth’s surface was simply bad luck on the planet’s behalf or that it may even be damaging to the earth’s beauty. I however look at it differently.

I believe that all environmentally developed beauty begins in a place of damage, challenge and insignificance, with a characteristically ugly beginning and one that requires great deals of time to manifest into something that we stand in awe of today. Such is the story of Mount Pinabuto and almost all beautiful landmarks that people marvel at worldwide. With this basic understanding, I would venture to guess most of us would tend to agree with this point of view. That overtime, nature has developed itself and grown into the stages of beauty it currently has in its’ possession.

Is it possible that nature has been created this way for a specific reason? It couldn’t be, could it? I say yes.

My instincts and experiences tell me that virtually ALL lessons we need to know in life can be learned from two primary sources: Nature, and our own body. You will find this belief further explained and riddled throughout every piece of content I develop and write. And the life lesson in this piece is no different.

It seems humans are afraid of scarring and have a fear of pain and struggle, yet those are the ONLY known methods of creating change in our lives. You see it’s not change that we fear. We welcome positive change openly. It is however the PROCESS that we fear. Difficult situations hit us like a meteorite leaving mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical manifestations of pain and scarring on our bodies. So many of us are apprehensive to accept such challenges which is understandable because discomfort and pain are never fun to endure. However, it’s the result that these scenarios yield that we are never regretful of after the pain subsides.

It is in fact counterintuitive to avoid challenge and hardship.

If life has told us anything since we have been on this planet, it is time and time again the same old story; The people who get what they want out of life have accepted the inevitable truth that happiness, success, notoriety, and wealth are the result of one thing – enduring the struggles that are set on our path to strengthen us. These successful individuals do this, while the masses of people on this planet who don’t have what they crave out of life are doing the opposite. We are ducking and running at the first sight of trouble or at the first twinge of pain.

Think about this, we don’t really care about the results that people at the upper echelons of success and happiness have in comparison to the stories of how they got there. Why do you think we as humans are motivated and inspired to action by the ‘underdog stories’ of athletes, humanitarians, and business people alike? It’s because the scarring and pain that they had to endure on their journey is relatable to us or makes our problems seem like nothing in contrast.

But all of a sudden when it comes down to our own stories and our own experiences, we begin to push off our God given responsibility of chasing what we love and feel pulled to do and think to ourselves, “I couldn’t do that. I don’t have a powerful enough story to ever affect change.” And that is where we are wrong. The only reason we may not have a powerful enough story is because we haven’t yet begun.

We haven’t been war torn and battle tested. Battle is where stories are made. Not on our living room couch.

Human beings have a very long history of progress and so does planet earth. Both histories follow the same path of challenge, results, challenge, results, challenge, results. None of us are born ‘special’, we are MADE special through our desires, actions on those desires, and refusing to stop until we achieve what we have on our heart.

Take a look at your body for a moment, touch a scar. Isn’t it incredible how the mere touch of it can bring you back to a certain time in your life and a memory/lesson learned from it? Some scars on my body bring me back to funny memories, some back to painful memories that I learned something from, and some back to a time that I wasn’t old enough to remember. But I am incredibly grateful for each one. It’s an amazing ability that we have to grow and learn from our past mistakes and failures physically just as it is mentally and emotionally. I’ve had some very challenging days in my life, but when I heard Nick Vujicic say “I stand before you without arms and legs but a very strong man because of the bad days in my life” in Mind Innovation’s short video ‘Good Days and Bad Days‘, I realized the power of enduring pain and the beauty that such struggle can produce on the other end. I realized why I am the man I am today and why I believe so firmly in what I will help others achieve and also what I personally desire to achieve. It’s because I find scars sexy. I believe that once you become a little war torn, that is when you become Battle Born.

We as humans are all warriors. We were the sperm that fertilized the egg to create ourselves. We beat 40 million others fighting for life before we could even BREATHE. The power that we each have in us is overflowing and endless by nature. Don’t let birth be your biggest accomplishment, you were born for more than that. You were born to chase the purpose you feel so deeply in your gut, that passion that you cannot get out of your head on a daily basis. But you must accept first that in order to have it, you will be tested as every K1ng is. There is a power in you made in the image of God. Don’t let some bumps and bruises be the reason you don’t use it. Make the decision that you are worth more than what you currently have. Because it is not what you have that defines who you are. It’s what you’ve been through and what you’ve DONE that defines a K1ng. You can defeat any challenge that comes your way. And when you do? The time you have spent developing your skills, overcoming obstacles, enduring difficult days, and allowing scars to form will become your own version of Mount Pinabuto. People from all around the world will come to see your beauty. But very few of them, will understand its’ origin.

Written by Danny Wilgenbusch

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