“Why are you always so happy?”

I want you to think about how often you’re asked that question.

I’m going to take a quick guess that if you’re like most people, you don’t get asked that very often. Am I right?

If I’m wrong and people ask you this question quite frequently, you 9/10 times will agree with every single thing I’m going to say. If I was right and you don’t get this too frequently, you’re going to want to take special notice of just about every thing I’m about to tell you.

Why? Because I get people who ask me this literally all the time.

And I’m going to tell you WHY I get this constantly.

The Secret Unlocked

Get your pen and paper ready…


What I do that makes me smile all the time is that I basically only do things that make my day better.

Here’s some examples:

If I don’t want to hangout with you, I don’t.

If I don’t want to do something, I don’t.

If I don’t want to go somewhere, I don’t.

If I want something, I get it.

If I am hungry, I eat.

If there is a girl that I want to spend time with and get to know better, I ask. (Shoutout to Kaitlin, the girl that I wanted to hangout with for awhile and get to know better. And guess how I did it… and guess how she’s my girlfriend now… I ASKED.)

You see, here’s a huge struggle so many people seem to find themselves in. Doing shit that they don’t want to be doing. They work somewhere they hate, are in a realtionship with a girl or guy that they aren’t all in on, go places other people tell them to go, watch movies others say they should watch, spend their time doing things that they don’t love doing, and so much more. And then walk around wondering why they aren’t very happy most of the time.

You see, as humans, of course we have to do things every now and again that we aren’t the biggest fans of. Like working, going to things to support people close to us, exercising (I have no clue how some people don’t ever work out, it blows my mind), eating somewhat right, reading (books that help grow your knowledge of a desired skill or result), and a few other things. But you’ll notice that all of these things have something in common – at least for me. If I’m doing any of these, it’s because they are all leading towards a desired result I have in mind and I’ve made them all so that I don’t hate doing any of them. I work somewhere that pays me well enough to do the things I need to do as well as has a bunch of people working there that I enjoy being around and it isn’t doing something I can’t stand. I support only the people that I choose to support for one reason or an0ther, I exercise because our body is the only place we have available to live so I would prefer to be in love with it as opposed to it being a burden to me (the same goes for eating right), and I read books that have to do with things that I love such as the human mind, beliefs and passions, success, and many more topics. So even doing things you don’t particularly enjoy, can be made tolerable because of something you have the desire of recieving in return. And if there isn’t some sort of a desired return on your time spent doing something… what the hell are you doing it for?

It will not make you happy so you’re certainly not going to be walking around with a grin on your face after doing it!

There is no secret to being happy, but for some damn reason, people have made it seem so complicated. It’s NOT! If you combine doing things you love with NOT doing the things you hate, that equals pretty damn happy (I’m no mathematician but I’m very sure that is some sound addition right there.)

Of course I have to pay my bills, pay taxes, and things of that nature but those are things that can’t be controlled, so why would I allow them to influence my mind in a negative way? Exactly, I don’t.

And how do I spend the rest of my time in a day? I spend it building “K1ng Me” (my life’s biggest passion), studying the Seattle Seahawks, watching football, hanging out with people that further my ambitions and strengthen my mentality, watching movies that inspire my creativity and feed my inner nerd such as Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, and other fantasy inspired stories, working out, spending time in nature (expands my state of creativity), eating foods I enjoy, reading personal development books, or watchig videos/listening to audiobooks of the like, and doing virtually NOTHING that doesn’t put me in a state of bliss. And what’s interesting, is you’re almost never going to see me upset or even remotely bothered. I am always very positive and happy, and I attribute this to simply doing things that put me in that state as often as humanly possible.

I’ve done my best to remove from my life all people that don’t serve me in that way as well as any connections to any activities that don’t put me in a state of utter joy.

The last thing however I want to make very clear is that you cannot make the mistake of removing necessary discomforts from your life for the sake of you not enjoying being uncomfortable. Jim Rohn always said, “The essence of Life is Growth.”And the ultimate necessity for growth to occur is discomfort. So if you are struggling to determine the difference between necessary struggle and unnecessary things you can’t stand, connect with me on any social media platform @K1ngMeDotCom and I will help you sort through whatever you would like help with.

Remember this, anyone who has ever reached a pinncale of life in any industry or any other way, has done so by weeding out all the unnecessary garbage along the way and focusing only on the things they Needed to do and Wanted to do. They focused on what they were good at – what you’re good at often translates into what you enjoy doing. Go all chips in on things you love, and remove your attention from anything you hate. If you do this, a natural state of constant bliss will be the result. And what happens when you’re in a constant state of pleasure? The path to your K1ngdom will be clearer than ever.

Find your Bliss, Become K1ng.

Written by Danny Wilgenbusch

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