The Purge

Disclaimer – *Before you get any funny ideas, I’m not about to encourage dicing your neighbors up or finding that guy who stole your identity and doing something out of character for you (And if that would be in character, stop reading this immediately because social media is the least of your problems).*

12 new texts. 13 new Snapchats. 8 new Facebook notifications. 5 new messenger notifications. 40 new likes and 5 comments on Instagram. New tweets. Countless new emails. Linked in, Friender, Tinder, Bumble, phone calls. The list goes on.

Feeling familiar at all? This was happening all day long every single day. Spending hours of each day glancing, glaring, laughing, staring, watching and reading on my phone all day. I almost gave my phone a name because it felt wrong spending this much time with something and it not being my girlfriend. I was even thinking of naming her Mable, until I looked up for the first time in years and realized how much time had gone by… Mable is no longer a cool name.(It may have never been I’m not entirely sure.)

The problem I was having is something virtually every person I know can relate to. What was happening was incredibly subtle but infinitely powerful. For the first time in years I started to realize I was beginning to no longer feel like myself. I had the worst attention span of my life. Every time there was a moment of dead space in a social setting, I would pull out my phone just to glance at it for no real reason and if I wasn’t actually doing anything I would go on social media and consume all of the bullshit in the news feeds. I felt distracted all the time, lost touch with my passions and what I desired out of life, my work ethic took a hit, mental clarity suffered, I had misplaced values, didn’t sleep well, felt I had “no time”, procrastinated a lot, and sooooooo much more. It’s actually obscene looking back at it after being off ALL forms of social media for close to 3 months.

If any of that resonates with you, let me know in the comments or in a share and if you have different challenges that social media has presented you with, make sure to comment what they are!

Now, here’s the deal. In the last 3 months, what I’ve been able to get done is staggering in comparison to the last couple years. I found out that I had so much free time in a day, it was wild. I read a full book every week and a half, completed 8 weeks of physical therapy to repair my back, played on a football team (and won the championship), got out my wisdom teeth, studied and got my life insurance license (why not expand your horizons and knowledge base?), am moving to California in 2 weeks, and most importantly I fully discovered my passion and created a plan of action to launch the company I’ve dreamed of for years. The plan is already in full effect and I’ve never in my entire life been so sure or excited about something. By reading this, you’re experiencing K1ng Me’s phase 1 of 5 by contributing to this blog so THANK YOU!

Now, all of that was done in my EXTRA time and that wasn’t even close to all of it. I was still working a job during this time, sleeping the same, hanging out with friends, having incredible new experiences, networking and so much more. Why do I mention all of this? Because ANYONE can get SO much done in a short period of time with just a little discipline. I struggled to develop that discipline, so I removed all of the distractions from my life until I felt that I had regained control of my mind. Was it easy? Actually it was much easier than you’d think. But still no. It took commitment to myself and what I wanted to accomplish. Not surprisingly, I had never felt so disconnected from people and out of the loop with things in my life. It’s difficult to unplug from the biggest social phenomenon in human history. But it was MY time. My time to learn, grow, develop, strategize, plan, regroup, think and discover.

I’ll tell you this, if you ever want to discover what it is that drives you more intensely than fame, fortune or freedom ever could, a great place to start would be by escaping the noise. I spent a lot of time in the first 2 months listening to music that provoked creativity in me (different music for everyone), going places that elevated my emotions (nature, places of wealth and success, etc.), and having very deep and very critical conversations with people that I could trust wouldn’t bullshit me. Removing ALL distractions is not realistic for most people. But removing social media distractions from your life entirely for a specific period of time is something nearly everyone can do. I can assure you of one thing, this decision changed my life. And it absolutely can for you as well. But it starts with the most challenging step of the process: being incredibly honest with yourself about where you are in your life and what is stopping you from getting more out of your existence.

If you desire to be K1ng, it starts with your mind. If we can’t find the time to clean our room, the desire to get out of bed in the morning or the commitment to remove the very things stopping us from attaining more in life, then we will never win. Controlling what goes into your mind leads to control over your thoughts. Controlling your thoughts will grant you control in your actions. If you can control your actions, that’s when you obtain ultimate responsibility over your results. Those results will further reinforce the things you allow to enter your mind which strengthens the whole process over and over and over again. The same works the opposite way. If I spent my time letting other people’s problems and baby mama drama in my Facebook feed enter my mind… I can only imagine the types of days I would have, dear lord.

The K1ng Me mentality is one that can change it all. It’s the belief that our passions lead us to our treasures. But if you don’t have the time to discover what it is that can take you there, what are you willing to sacrifice in order to have it? How about a purge? The eradication of distractions in your life keeping you from your dreams. This is something that I believe whole heartedly has the power, if used correctly, to turn the tides of life in your favor. Only you know how long to stay off social media, but don’t sell yourself short. You deserve life on your terms, you deserve greatness. But it won’t fall into your lap. You have to earn it. If you have the mental and testicular fortitude to purge social media, tag “K1ng Me” on Facebook in a post declaring your participation and hashtag #K1ngMePurge. I will connect with you once I see that and will do everything within my power to assist you in your process. Let’s change our mental landscape one post at a time. #K1ngMe #K1ngMePurge

Written by Danny Wilgenbusch

Ps if this provided value to you, I ask two things. Number one, Give the post a like so I know it added to your life! And number two, if you see this benefitting others as well, click the share button on your favorite social media platform beneath this and help your friends make changes in their lives! They will thank you!

6 thoughts on “The Purge

  1. Wow danny this is really inspirational and meaningful. You are a very deep minded writer as well. This takes great dedication man. Maybe one day I to will do this it is a great idea. I hope you continue to challenge yourself in California and reach your goals for your future bro. What a great experience this must have been.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely George it was a life altering experience without a doubt. I think it’s important for people to disconnect in society today for a period of time in order to wake up to what life is actually all about. Our phones are like drugs to us, we check them so frequently that we don’t realize things happening around us. When a drug addict needs their fix, their logical mind goes out the window until they get it. Our mind actually reacts similarly to that but in reference to our phone. Scary stuff man, people need to reset themselves every now and then.
      I appreciate the compliment though, I love writing man! Cali has been a challenge so far but an incredible experience as well, I’m not going anywhere for awhile!
      I pray that your goals in Florida come true very soon for you. I’ll be super fired up to hear when they do!


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